Our mission

J&JOY, a piece of travel in every garment.

We believe that travel connects people, inspires them to discover new ways of thinking and living.

We design products for our customers inspired by destinations around the world to offer them moments of escape on a daily basis.


We create colourful, fun and thoughtful clothing to embody the destination in the world from which they are inspired.


The J&JOY team evolves daily like a big family. Both in our offices and in our stores and with our partners, we want to take care of each other and welcome all ideas, even (especially!) the craziest.

We are committed to being a living brand, ready to follow you on your adventures. For young and old, from 2 years old to 5XL, we dress the whole family, for all your moments of life.


At J&JOY, there is no life without joy!

On a daily basis, with our customers, in our creative process, when traveling around the world and in our clothes, what we want to convey is joy! We put all our energy into our collections inspired by places and cultures, and we hope to bring good humor to our customers thanks to our colorful creations and our assumed touch of madness.


Since its creation in 2006, we have continued to put all our energy and creativity into developing the J&JOY brand. Once we mastered the product and its production, we were able to focus on what mattered most to us: offering our customers a daily escape through our clothes.

Our goal: to delight them ever more with inspired and inspiring collections, always ensuring the best possible quality!

2006 The idea!

As part of a study project, Pierre then in business school at HEC, imagines the products he dreams of and which he cannot find on the current market: quality polo shirts, ultra fun and colorful!

2008 The start

The range of men's polo shirts designed by Pierre appealed, it was an immediate success. He then decided to follow his entrepreneurial desires and devote himself to the development of his idea. J&JOY is no longer just an exciting project, it becomes a promising brand. Pierre surrounds himself with motivated young people: the J&JOY family is created!

2009 Also for children

The collections are now also available for women, boys and girls. The range of products is also expanding, and the polo shirt joins a now complete wardrobe for the whole family.

J&JOY surrounds itself with ambassadors and is sold in 50 multi-brand stores in Belgium.

2012 An even stronger bond

J&JOY launches its e-commerce site in order to be in direct contact with its customers. On its eshop and social networks, the brand shares its joyful universe and takes its customers through its discoveries, travels and encounters.

The team is also preparing the opening of its first two Flagship Stores, scheduled for Liège in 2013 and Mons in 2014.

2014 Take off for Europe!

Now already present in more than 200 multi-brand stores in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, J&JOY has also joined stores in Taiwan, Croatia, among others, and participates in various fairs specializing in the fashion sector.

2019 An assumed identity

After more than 10 years of existence, the brand is taking the time to reflect on its vision for the next 10 years. Values, mission, ambitions... J&JOY is redefining itself and assuming itself to flourish even more in the future!

A new site, much more pleasant to use, will be offered to customers in 2020.

2020 Every step, a new journey !

The J&JOY Family has more energy than ever! New logo, new site, a more assumed identity and projects full of drawers: the brand is evolving, assuming itself, and is ready to take its customers on a journey through its collections!


Made with Dignity

All our clothes are made "with Dignity", that is to say in factories certified by the ILO (International Labor Organization) and respecting their charter: no workers under the age of 16, a number of hours maximum work, no forced labor, etc.

We only work with production partners that we have carefully selected. Since the beginning, they have been part of the J&JOY family.

A foundation

We are proud to be the only ready-to-wear brand in Belgium to have our own philanthropic fund, recognized and managed entirely by the King Baudouin Foundation. This fund allows us to support various projects, including a mobile school that travels to remote villages in India to teach children to read, write and calculate.

We also support the “Objectif Ô” association, which installs drinking water wells in disadvantaged areas of India and Africa, and “Les Petits Riens” in Belgium.

Design in Belgium

Our stylist team is based in Waremme, in the province of Liège. All our collections are designed in Belgium and we are delighted to create jobs. Both in the office and in our stores, we surround ourselves with dynamic and motivated people who share our values.


We are delighted to be surrounded by people who share our values and love fashion as much as we do.

Our ambassadors are part of the J&JOY family and support us in all our projects. Travellers, adventurers, radio presenters, sportsmen, artists… All wear our colors and travel through our collections over the seasons.

Discover the J&Joy family

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