What we will remember

What we will

Winter is slowly coming to an end. Our confidences on a collection that will soon disappear in favor of a new one.

We explored Scandinavia together these past few months. Our stylists were inspired by it and we went with you to discover this fantastic corner of the world.

Our goal: to offer you different clothes. And make you travel a little bit at the same time.

And we loved it. But before giving way to the spring/summer collection and starting an imaginary trip to a country on the other side of the world, we wanted to come back on what marked us the most in our Nordic fantasy adventures.

1. Simplicity

In the end, it was the little things that inspired us the most. A pretty landscape, a small neighborhood store, the lights of a street, the festive decoration of a park, dogs playing and a family riding their bikes.

That's it. That's all, because it's that simple. And that's all too, because that's all that matters:

simple, shared moments.

The happiness of being together, the small pleasures of everyday life, the wonder of a new idea, the smiles that we would never want to hold back.

The good news is that the simplicity of all these little things has no boundaries. It will be found everywhere, in every culture. And our stylists will never stop looking for it to get inspired and create your novelties.

2. Wellness

Taking care of ourselves and others, we already knew that, but this year has reminded us: it's the key.

And more often than not, it is the smallest things that offer the greatest comfort: a phone call to a grandparent, reassuring words to a friend, a laugh with your sweetheart.

Hygge reminds us that taking care of ourselves already involves

appreciating small pleasures and getting excited about what we have.

We will keep well anchored in us this philosophy of the well-being of our Danish neighbors.
Finally, simplicity and well-being come together.

And we wish you a year made of small happinesses and great joys.

See you soon for a new collection, always inspired by the beauties of our world. We hope you will like it.

The J&JOY family