Rain forest


Here we are ! We have arrived at the first stage of this summer roadtrip.

let yourself be carried away by nature and get ready to live an extraordinary experience.

Far from arid landscapes and reddish-hued soils, Australia's northeast is home to the world's oldest forest:

"Daintree Rainforest."

This forest is about 150 million years old! To give you some background, its appearance on our planet was even before the dinosaurs… For comparison, the Amazonian forest is “only” about ten million years old (it’s still impressive all the same!). This particularity marked by time is worth to thousands of hectares of this national park of Daintree to be placed under the protection of the world heritage of UNESCO.
Located in the heart of the tropics, Daintree Forest is located in a hot and humid area all year round!

This extraordinary natural space will offer you an unforgettable spectacle! This area is full of several thousand plant species, each as rare and fascinating as the next! It even seems that in this forest, 150 plant species can coexist in just 1m² of space!

But this exuberant nature is not the only wealth offered by this Australian land. In the middle of this dense vegetation live thousands of different animals. Fluorescent green frogs with suction cups, marsupial cats, snakes of all kinds, butterflies in flamboyant colors or even spectacular crocodiles, some of which sometimes reach 10 meters in length!

Did you know?

This sumptuous and luxuriant tropical forest served as the inspiration for the film "Avatar".

In this fauna, let's not forget to mention the famous Casoar. This large endangered bird lives mainly in this region of the world (and in New Guinea, if you are interested! 😉).

This Rain Forest collection, whose color palette extends from khaki green to lime green, was nourished by the trip to this region of our stylist, Olis.

One print, 3 variations!

The foliage of these rooms alone represents the density of the vegetation of this tropical forest. Pieces filled with meaning to find on our website.

Have you ever wondered what elements on your clothing refer to the destination?

Take for example, the back of this t-shirt:

  • The exuberant flora that populates the forest is represented in the foliage;
  • The crocodile: this wild animal can be regularly seen in the Daintree river;
  • The motif which represents a mountain refers to the mountainous massif of this tropical zone;
  • In addition to these carefully thought out patterns, the colors of this t-shirt perfectly match the color palette found in this forest.

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