The 6 stages of creating a collection according to our stylists

Behind the scenes of the

The creation process of our stylists in 6 steps:

Welcome behind the scenes of our creative department! Ana, Maureen and Olis, our 3 stylists, reveal the major stages in the creation of a collection:


1. l'inspiration

Choose a country, culture or continent to draw inspiration from. 🌎

2. Declination of themes

Define 4 or 5 themes that each represent a specific aspect or place related to the chosen destination.🎲

In our “Scandinavia” collection, for example, we had a “Hygge” theme to embody the Danish philosophy of happiness, and another “Fisherman”, inspired by the fishing ports of the Bohulsan region.
3. Prepare moodboards

Construction of inspiration boards with representative and inspiring elements of each of the themes (a landscape, a pattern, an animal, a color, etc.) as well as the fashion trends, textures and colors that we wish to integrate. 💭

4. Set colors

Define color maps and graphic axes for each of the themes. 🎨


5. creation

To design ! 🖍 By theme, it takes an average of 100 different pieces (men, women and children included)... and this, x4 or x5 for the complete collection! That makes them different models to imagine!

6. Quality control

Send drawings to suppliers, order samples, test them, and send feedback on necessary changes! 🧵

And that's where the rest of the team (sales and marketing) takes over to present the collection to you... 1 year later! 😊
Stylists can then start creating the next collection, always one year ahead of schedule! ✈️
For this year's spring/summer collection, the stylists were inspired by Australia... See you very soon for a collection guaranteed to be 100% getaway!
(yes, there will be kangaroos, koalas, surf, sun, happiness and lots of other surprises! 😉)

Learn more about the world of styling at J&JOY through the interview with our stylist Ana.
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