Northern territory

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Change of scenery, welcome to the Outback!

You will discover in this article, all the riches of the Australian hinterland, this sacred and arid land, with reddish colors.





the "red heart"

The Outback, located partly in the Northern Territory (Northern Territory by its English name), is also known as the “red heart” of the Australian desert. This region of the world is the most desert part of the continent. It extends over 1.3 million square kilometers, unfolding under your feet, extraordinary landscapes as far as the eye can see.

Marked by years, old age and the millions of years that have passed eroding the soil, these lands of the Outback breathe the history of the aborigines, the first inhabitants of Australia, who arrived around 40,000 years ago. . These aborigines are connected to their land, the force of nature and feel a deep connection with this sacred territory.

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This huge region, almost as large as two-thirds of Europe, is home to just over a million people.

But the Men living inside these Outback towns are not the only inhabitants of this arid desert. Many animals have managed to adapt to the hot and dry climate of this region of Australia.

The most well-known animals that have managed to make their mark are, without a doubt, kangaroos! But how do they survive? Well, they have their own technique… Indeed, at night the temperature reaches zero degrees! With such nighttime temperatures, kangaroos take advantage of the morning dew on the few grassy areas they can find to drink. You will also find many other species such as wallabies, wombats, cockatoos, snakes or even parakeets and lizards, all of whom have found comfort in living in the desert.


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This land is full of riches, and it's not just a metaphor! The main economic activity in the region is mining. Thanks to the absence of mountains and glaciation, the Outback is rich in many metals and minerals, including, among others, gold and opal.

At the heart of this expanse of desert, a huge massif stands on the horizon, the dome of Uluru. With a height reaching 348 meters in height, and a length of 2.5 kilometers, this block of oblong red sandstone emerges from the desert like the back of a whale that we see coming out of the water. .

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So, ready for a road trip in the “red heart” of Australia?